Setting Up

Well, it's about time I looked at building a website and I must say I have surprised myself by what I've created here; a proud portfolio of my work for the world to see and enjoy.

Of course, there's a few people I need to thank... 

I've been doing makeup for a few years now and I have a big thankyou to make to someone very special to me - Aliana McDaniel of AliMcD Aart Agency and Ali McD Makeup School. She has been, and will continue to be, my mentor, inspiration, help, confidante and support, and has been an integral part of the success I've had in my makeup career so far. She saw my potential early on and together with my enthusiasm and willingness to do makeup, she put me forward for jobs that has led to more work and repeat clients. She now jokes "you get all my jobs!" and continues to teach me and support me and I can never thank her enough. Most of the models on this website are managed by her and I'm lucky enough to work with them often. Her kindness is forever and real, her heart made of pure gold.

My high school girlfriends for lining up outside the bathroom every Saturday afternoon, waiting their turn for me to do their makeup.  My passion for it as a teenager eventually led to what you see here.

And I can also thank my good friend and photographer Emily Hlavac Green for kick-starting me in to getting this website sorted. One sunny Sunday afternoon recently, me dressed very casually for the lazy day in hoodie and gym shoes, we met for a glass of red and a chat/brainstorm/spilling-of-exciting-ideas and she again told me I should get a website. Up until then I was all "yeah, I know" but this time something sparked in me to at least start looking at how to do it. Et viola! That night the bones of were created. She has taken many of the beautiful photos on this site and is a fantastic person to work with. So, thank you Emily. Not only do I have some one awesome to regularly work with; I have made a beautiful friend for life.

I plan to regularly update my work on this sight so keep an eye on it. And if you enjoy it even half as much as I do then I know I'm doing alright.